Black Friday Deals!

It's our FIRST Black Friday and we went a little over-the-top! 

Here's a summary of the deals you can take advantage of: 

1. All Weekend (Thurs - Mon) 

Get More, Save More

20% OFF Orders $100+ 

25% OFF Orders $200+

30% OFF Orders $300+

Deals start Thursday (9/26) at 5pm PT / 8 pm ET

2. DOORBUSTERS (Thurs/Fri) 

The first 2 hours of each day we have what's known in the biz as "Doorbusters". Except it's all online, so nobody gets trampled for a big screen TV.

Thursday: 5pm PT / 7pm ET (2 HOURS) 

* Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Swaddles 

* Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Bows & Headwraps

* FREE LOVEY on orders over $100+ 

* AND... *drumroll* 1 out of every 3 shoppers will get a FREE Bum Bum Blanket (these are almost always sold out). To qualify you must checkout at $200+ 

Yes all these promotions "stack". Meaning you can checkout with all these deals at once during the Doorbuster window (fingers crossed that our servers can handle it!) 

OK enough reading, GO SHOP before it's all gone! 


Do I need a discount code? 

Nope! No pesky code required. Just checkout during the time window of the sale and it will be automatically applied to your cart! 

How do I get my free lovey during the doorbuster 2 hour sale? 

If your order is over $100, just pick any lovey from our collection and it will be free in your cart/checkout! 

How do I know if I won the free blanket? 

We will pick winners at random over the weekend (you have a 1 in 3 chance) and then email the winners to let them know they got it! We will probably be quite busy, so no promises but we hope to send the emails Sunday or Monday. 

I have a question you didn't answer here! 
No problem. Please contact our wonderful support team at 

* All deals/promotions available only while supplies last! 



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