5 Reasons why Moms are switching to Bamboo 🎉

"Baby bamboo clothing is taking over, and Bums & Roses is leading the way." - People Magazine

1. Grows with your Child

so when Adi was about 18 months I had her in the Bums and Roses space romper.....almost 10 months ago and SHE STILL FIT IN IT. Best part is, she is now almost 2 years old like I mentioned and still fits in it and I mean like comfortably fits in it."
- Ewelina D

Also, unlike other materials, Bamboo clothes are extremely breathable so your baby won’t get sweaty in them. And natural bamboo is doctor recommended to help little ones with eczema & redness relief, even the best organic cotton feels like sandpaper when rubbed next to bamboo.  

2. Bamboo Clothing Lasts 3X Longer

Most babies grow out of their clothes every few weeks, right? Because bamboo is so much stronger and durable than cotton, you get more life out of each piece. Bamboo being stretchy is an understatement.

"The material is so soft and comfy that it made us become addicted to buying from this website. Cannot wait for the restock because I regret not getting size ups when I originally purchased"- Michelle J.

"My 1 year old is STILL wearing the 3-6 month footie we bought!! Switching to bamboo has actually saved us money" - Krista G.

3. Helps your Baby Sleep

Bamboo baby clothes are seriously soft and gentle, and they glide smoothly against your baby's sensitive skin, giving them a comfortable and irritation-free sleep experience.

But they're not just comfortable - they're also super absorbent and able to soak up moisture faster than even the finest organic cotton. This means your baby's skin will stay cooler and drier longer, helping to prevent sweating and discomfort at night.

And the best part? Bamboo is a thermoregulating fabric, which means it can help regulate your baby's body temperature to keep them comfortable in any weather.

This is especially helpful for babies and kids, who tend to get really warm during deep sleep. So if you want your little one to sleep comfortably and well-rested all night long, give bamboo baby clothes a try - you won't be disappointed!

4. Resale Value Insanity

Good luck trying to find someone who will buy your old washed-off clothes from Carter’s your kid grew out of after a few weeks. 

Let's be honest, most baby clothing ends up in the donation bin. But, bamboo clothes can look just as good as new! And due to the limited edition prints you can pretty much resell them easily.

5. Unbelievably cute prints for both you and little one 😍

You've probably noticed by now - these prints are absolutely adorable. 

Not only is our material buttery soft, good for babies skin, and ultra-stretchy, but you'll never have to compromise on cuteness. 

Shop now and feel the difference yourself.


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