"I was fed up of having to constantly buy new baby clothes"- Sarah

"Bamboo fits 3x longer than regular baby clothes. And 50,000+ families have enjoyed bamboo's durability and softness thanks to Bums and Roses - People Magazine

1. Meet Bamboo Clothing, it's built to last for months

Most babies grow out of their clothes every few weeks, right? 

With Bamboo you get more 3x more life out of each onesie.

Take Adi for example, 3 of the 4 pictures above show Adi in the same outfit, same size... but 9 months apart.

"so when Adi was about 18 months I had her in the Bums and Roses space romper.....almost 10 months ago and SHE STILL FIT IN IT. Best part is, she is now almost 2 years old like I mentioned and still fits in it and I mean like comfortably fits in it."
- Ewelina D

2. Bamboo clothing stretches.. and stretches.. and stretchesss... 

Bamboo being stretchy is an understatement. 

Bamboo's the fabric that keeps growing, growing and giving :)

Parents will say how their 1 year old was still wearing 3-6m bamboo footie... and that's not the exception with bamboo.. it's normal. 

"thanks to bamboo, you actually end up spending less on baby clothes over the years as your baby grows." - Krista G.

3. Bamboo is seriously strong and durable

Bamboo is seriously strong and durable, so it can withstand all the crawling, playing, and general wear and tear that your little one puts it through.

Bamboo fabric is also like a sponge, absorbing more moisture than regular cotton. This means it's less likely to stain and get damaged, making it last longer.

5.Resistant to Fading

Good luck trying to find someone who will buy your old washed-off clothes from Carter’s your kid grew out of after a few weeks. 

Bamboo fabric is naturally resistant to fading, so those adorable colors will stay bright and vibrant even after multiple washes.

And let's be honest, most baby clothing ends up in the donation bin. But, bamboo clothes can look just as good as new! And due to the limited edition prints you can pretty much resell them easily.

6. Unbelievably cute prints for both you and little one 😍

Here's an extra reason... You've probably noticed by now - these prints are absolutely adorable. 

Not only is our material buttery soft, good for babies skin, and ultra-stretchy, but you'll never have to compromise on cuteness. 

Shop now and feel the difference yourself.


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