Nine months ago my husband and I welcomed our first baby girl Blush into the world, and I traded in my career to become a full time mama.

Before Blush, I spent the last 10 years as a consultant. I had to be "agile" and talk about 'synergy' while wearing very uncomfortable pantsuits... But my new client is a tiny little human who only wants three things: milk, snuggles, and her ducky pacifier.

It still seems crazy that you get to raise a kid without a permit... or training... or something. Google and mommy blogs became my best friend. Every night I found myself asking a zillion questions: Do you think she’s too cold? Too hot? How do I get her to stop scratching her little face at night? And- Does anyone snore louder than my husband?!

I spent most days and nights in mama mode: Baby in one hand (breastfeeding) and phone in the other hand… reading mommy blogs for the inside scoop.

I noticed that so many moms shared this concern: what is the best quality sleepwear to put my baby in? I needed something gentle for her delicate skin, temperature regulating, and of course something stylish for the daily Snapchats we send to her grandparents.

Research opened my eyes to bamboo fabric. Bamboo is ultra soft like butter and super gentle on baby's skin. It’s thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, eco friendly, and ultra stretchy for a snug fit around those little baby bum bums for the coziest sleep. Even “organic cotton” felt like sandpaper in comparison to bamboo viscose.

When Blush would (finally) fall asleep, I burned the midnight oil playing around on Photoshop. After a couple late nights, it started getting interesting. I roped in my sister and we started hustling to bring our vision to fruition. 

We hope you and your baby love our soft, sophisticated, yet practical styles as much as baby Blush does.


Made with love for my baby & yours,