I am so excited for the opportunity to do some blog talk on our favorite bamboo brand, Bums & Roses – so let’s jump right in & let’s talk TUTUS!!

Let’s be honest – online shopping is a must these days; options are unlimited, and the convenience – ohhhh, the convenience!!

So, when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for our little princess, it’s sometimes tough to navigate all the different brands and options available to us online. The tricky part is finding a brand that’s comfy, has the right fit, endless & amazing styles - but that’s still affordable for the average family.

And (drumroll, please) – that’s how we landed at Bumsandroses.com.

The online bamboo community is huge!! All the recommendations & adorable photos from other bamboo mamas made me RUN to Bums & Roses! Once they decided to come out with bamboo tutus – I just knew we had to try them!! So, after ordering several different styles and colors, here’s the real-life scoop…


First & foremost – the quality is top-notch!! No question about that.

Bums & Roses tutus are made from the same stretchy, buttery soft bamboo that we have all come to love and obsess over. Couple that buttery softness with a fluffy tulle skirt – and you’ve got the magic!! A tutu that doesn’t scratch or irritate precious & delicate baby skin – that's comfortable enough for all day wear, whether for a special event or just a playdate at the park!

Let’s face it, nothing beats Tutus, Princesses and Birthday.. So many occasions to wear them!!

One of the best things about Bums & Roses tutus, is that they're so versatile!!

There’s no question that they make the BEST photoshoot dress EVERRR!! But they're also perfect for dance class, costume parties, birthdays, weddings, holidays, or any special event, really!

I’m a sneaker fanatic – so, I love that we can pair Mikenzie’s tutus with wild sneakers, for a more sporty, casual look!! …or pair them with boots in the fall or winter…rain boots in the spring; sandals in summer; or even barefoot for those adorable boho-styled photos!

Mikenzie’s 2
nd Birthday is right around the corner – and we already know what she will be wearing for her big day!! I mean…was there ever a question?!

…now, let’s talk Customer Support…

So now, let’s talk Bums & Roses Customer support!!

The website has an online chat option that we’ve used this a few times on drop days when we have questions about sizing. It’s typically recommended if your little one is between sizes, to size down (for regular tutus), and size up for the new sequin tutus.

Mikenzie is 19 months (on the higher end of the percentile chart), about 30 pounds & 34 inches and the 18/24 is a perfect fit for her. We did try out the 2T in the sequin tutu, and although there is still plenty of room to grow, the fit is great. Another great sizing recommendation WIN from the Customer Support team!!

I’ve also found that the online sizing chart is very accurate for us – so make sure to check it out if you are unsure of what size to get!!

So many colors!!

I’m amazed by the selection of styles, prints, and colors available!! Of course, I feel like Mikenzie needs them all!! Who doesn’t?! The classic black and ivory – yep, we need them!! Soft watercolor – need!! Hot pink sequin – yep; definitely need that one!! Light blue and pink, lilac sequin, blush sequin – yep, add to cart!!!

There is literally a tutu to suit every taste and every occasion!!

You guys – even my husband loves these tutus!! And, if I’m being honest – he’s a tough one to please. But anytime Mikenzie wears a Bums & Roses tutu, he literally just grins – and, how can he not!? They are ADORABLE!!!

Let’s recap - you need the tutu!! …highly recommended…

So, let’s recap; after many photoshoots, special events (even a funeral), holidays, and just every-day play - I highly recommend the tutus from Bums and Roses.

They are well-made, extremely versatile, and come in an amazing selection of colors and styles. Whether you're looking for a tutu for a special occasion or just for fun, you won't be disappointed with these!

If you have an upcoming photoshoot, a birthday, or even just playdates for dress-up and tea parties – you need the tutu!! Heck, if it’s a Tuesday, you need the tutu!! …or Wednesday, or Thursday (you get the point; I’m sure).

oh, did I mention that IT'S AFFORDABLE...

There are special deals, still live on the site for new customers..



Wait - actually, it gets even better!! After just chatting with the founders of Bums and Roses (absolutely love them – so down to earth) – they are extending TWO offers for new customers!!

Either get 20% OFF your order, using code GET20


Get a FREE TUTU, when you buy 2 Tutus, using code BUY2GET1!!

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