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How to save $500+ a year on baby's budget while still getting those cutest outfits I wanted.

Monday, January 23 ‍
by Samantha Hill

Tired of Spending so much on Baby Clothes? So was I...

Hi my name is Samantha, and I’m a Shopaholic…

I mean.. I’m an online shopper and I spend way too much on getting the best for my little one. Be it food, sleeping techniques or nursing techniques...You name it, I've likely tried it.

But with clothing, I’ve always had big problems. It's hard finding comfy outfits that don't break and tear after 3 weeks. Or that my little ones outgrow, and I have to keep buying and buying new clothes.

Thankfully a friend recently introduced me to Bums and Roses Bamboo clothes.

Celebrities love Bamboo

Bamboo clothes have become all the rage among celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Rihanna, John Legend, Tiesto, Alex Morgan.

So when my friend told me "Chrissy Teigan and Rihanna are fans”… I said "yes", I will try these out instead of cotton onesies. Now here's my full experience.

Cheaper over the long run? Yup it's more than 50% Savings in a Year.

I tested Bamboo, and was blown away to find it's 50% cheaper than regular cotton clothes over a year.

Why? You buy fewer onesies as each outfit lasts 3x longer than cotton onesies



Price Per Week










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Sale Ends In






Bamboo? How's it compare to Cotton?

Bamboo? Yeah, you heard right. But not the kind pandas munch on. This is a carefully crafted fabric that has been finely tuned into comfort.

The result? A line of baby clothing that is softer than a lullaby and lasts almosts as long as my old Nokia Cellphone.

Here's it compared to Cotton:


Lasts for months

Moisture wicking

Super soft and comfortable

Heat regulating


Lasts for a few weeks

Sweaty, non-breathable

Harsh and rough material

Always too warm or cool

But how does Bamboo last so long?? ...... it's because it's stretches!

"I LOVE Bamboo"

- Jessica Wilder

Bums and Roses VIP Group member

"I would hear Moms saying how their 1 year old was still wearing 3-6m bamboo footie... and chatting with members of Bums and Roses VIP what I discovered that's not the exception with bamboo.. it's normal.

Summary, here's why I'm leaving Cotton Clothes behind and saving $500/year

Cotton costs more in the long run loses it's shape in the wash, and isn't exactly the coziest for our little ones. 

Overall, here's my experience with Bamboo.

More Money Savings

Bamboo fabric is is soft and comfy, my little one isn't fussing around as much, and this is basically all my older kid wants to wear.

Also it's hypoallergenic, skin issues and rashes are 90% gone thanks to bamboo.

Comfier Sleep

Bamboo fabric is thermoregulating - that's a fancy way of saying it's perfect for keeping babies cool or warm throughout the night. 

That means less sweat and better sleep.

Makes everyday a Photoshoot day

My favorite part for last, Bums and Roses comes in limited edition prints that are adorable. And my favorite pictures to share on my instagram.

Where do you get Bums and Roses Bamboo Clothing?

Bums and Roses is only available online and can’t be found in stores.

Now that you know about the how long Bamboo baby clothing lasts here is how you can get some for your little ones.

1) Go here and order Bums and Roses

2) Enjoy buttery soft bamboo wear for months longer than cotton baby clothing.

*P.S: Bums and Roses is having a BUY2GET1 Sale now! Get a Free Bamboo onesie when you buy 2 other outfits!

100% Money-Back Policy

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